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Accountants in Breda

Accountants in Breda

Doing business in Breda

Breda is city in the southern part of the Netherlands historically known for its industrial activities. Today, the city is more oriented towards various business types, trade and logistics activities. A large number of international companies have opened branches or subsidiaries here in order to run their operations in the Benelux region. 

Companies that open an office in Breda will oftentimes require professional help from a Dutch accounting firm. The requirements for audit in the Netherlands differ from one type of company to another and only an accredited auditor can help companies fulfil these obligations.

Accounting services for Dutch companies

The Netherlands has a simple taxation regime and companies are required to observe some basic rules and regulations. Medium and large companies have to comply with more requirements and observe the ones for annual auditing. 

Our accounting firm in the Netherlands can help you file the annual tax returns and financial statements. Some of the services offered by our accountants in Breda include:

– tax registration and tax compliance for companies;

– accounting and annual filings;

– debt monitoring;

– risk assessment;

forensic accounting.

Tax consulting services in Breda

In addition to the aforementioned services, our accountants in Breda can also help you with tax consultancy services. For example, branches in the Netherlands can benefit from an advantageous taxation regime in relation to the mother company abroad. Double tax treaties apply in the Netherlands and our accountants can help you understand how you can use the legal provisions to avoid double taxation.

Our accounting firm in the Netherlands also offers tax minimization services for companies and individuals. We can also help you with general consulting services in the Netherlands.

For more information about audit in the Netherlands and doing business in Breda, you can contact our accounting firm in the Netherlands. Our agents will provide you with a complete list of our services and prices.