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Spain – Netherlands Double Tax Treaty

Spain – Netherlands Double Tax Treaty

The double taxation convention between the Netherlands and Spain was signed and entered into force in 1975. The two countries have strong economic relations and such agreement was necessary to avoid the double taxation on income or other important revenues. Our Dutch accountants can offer proper information about the important double taxation agreements signed by the Netherlands with other countries, including Spain. Besides that, you can receive accounting services for your company.

The provisions of the Netherlands – Spain double tax treaty

A businessman who wishes to establish his presence on the Dutch market should ask for details about the taxation system in the country and also about the double tax conventions signed by the Netherlands. The income, the corporate, the royalties and the dividend taxes are protected by the double tax treaty between the Netherlands and Spain. This means that Spanish individuals who work under a legal contract in the Netherlands and obtain revenues will be taxed only once, as stipulated in the convention mentioned above.

Investors who hold functional businesses in the Netherlands and Spain are also covered by the agreement and no double taxes will be paid. Besides that, the fiscal evasion on capital gains and income taxes is prevented by the convention. It is good to know that our accounting firm in the Netherlands can provide you with relevant details about the important agreement between Spain and the Netherlands related to the double taxation avoidance

What taxes are covered by Spain – Netherlands double tax treaty?

The dividend, the income, the wages and the company tax are covered by the significant arrangement between the two states. These are also available for residents in Spain or the Netherlands, which are going to be levied only once, in one country.

The important collaboration between the two countries has roots way back in history, in areas like engineering, economy, industry, import, and export. The investments in both countries have been protected by the important double taxation agreement.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Dutch accountants for additional information in this matter or if you need accounting services for your company.

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