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Filing a C form in the Netherlands

Filing a C form in the Netherlands

The C form is a document required by the Dutch authorities from the individuals who earn income from the Netherlands as well as from another country. The C form is an instrument utilized by the Dutch authorities in order to keep a record of the financial activity of each person which makes profits in the Netherlands. Thus it facilitates the enforcement of the tax regulations to each particular case according to the laws which apply to it. Our Dutch accountants are ready to give you more information concerning the use of the C form in this country and on how to fill it correctly.

How does the C form work in the Netherlands?

It is not always mandatory to fill a C form if you have earnings in the Netherlands. If you have a property in this country then you are obliged to fill a C form.  The choice of declaring business revenues through a C form is also useful for company owners who may not be covered by the Double taxation treaties with other countries. 

In order to verify whether the filling of a C form is advantageous you can discuss with one of our accountants in Netherlands. Most of the people who will need to fill a C form are people who lived outside of Netherlands within the last year of business and who obtained profits from this country, thus being liable to taxation.

How to fill a C form in the Netherlands?

In order to be able to fill in a C form you will need to have a Citizen Service Number. Another information which must appear on the C form is your nationality and if you live at the moment in another country you must specify which one. Information concerning your marital status are also required because they might affect your tax liability. 

Most of the data which are going to be filled by a business owner in a C form refer to income, its amount and its source country. Don’t hesitate to contact our Dutch accounting firm in order to simplify the task of filling a C form. Our specialists can help you understand if theC form in Netherlands can make a difference for your tax situation and they can help you select all the relevant information concerning your revenues.