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General Consulting Services in the Netherlands

General Consulting Services in the Netherlands

Our accounting firm in the Netherlands can assist you with professional consultancy services designed especially for your business and according to your particular needs.

Our accounting services are specifically created for businesses in the Netherlands and include:

  • –       Tax consultancy;
  • –       Consultancy for the Netherlands Banking System;
  • –       Payroll services;
  • –       Audit services.

If you are just opening a new business in the Netherlands, or if your company is in need of specialized services, our Dutch accountants can provide the best possible consulting services, customized to your business.

Tax payment in the Netherlands

Our experts can guide you and advise you regarding the specifics of tax compliancy in the Netherlands. Although the country welcomes foreign investors and is very open to global commerce, there are certain specific governmental regulations that every business must comply with:

The most important taxes that exist in the Netherlands are:

  • –       The corporate tax;
  • –       The income tax;
  • –       The wage withholding tax;
  • –       The value added tax.

Investors need to know that the Dutch corporate tax is calculated according to certain amounts: the tax is 20% when the amount does not exceed 200,000 Euros and 25% afterwards. Our accountants in the Netherlands can help you with this issue and any other tax payment particularity such as double taxation.

Audit services in the Netherlands

If you are willing to set up a company in the Netherlands you should consider that the law requires that any type of company  must submit certain annual financial statements. For foreign companies, the process includes a double statement submission: both in the mother country and at the Dutch Trade Register. For foreign entities, only the branch is exempted from financial statements submission.

Audit laws in the Netherlands stipulate that only medium and large companies need to employ the services of an independent auditor. We can provide audit services for your annual financial reports.

Company management in the Netherlands

Our Dutch agents are qualified to help you with company management in the Netherlands. The management process is very important and can prove essential for the well-being of the company and its employees and for the success of the business. Our Dutch accounting firm can help you with the planning, organization, coordination and control of certain business issues so that you can rest assured that your company is on its best route to success.

If you are interested in any of the consulting services described above or if you wish to explore other services offered by our Dutch accounting firmcontact our consultants in the Netherlands for more information and a personalized offer.