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Certification Of Tax Returns In The Netherlands

Certification Of Tax Returns In The Netherlands

Every person or legal entity that receives an income from the Netherland must pay taxes on the specific income to the Dutch government. The tax authorities send out the invitations to file a tax return starting with January each year.  There are different types of forms that can be completed according to the status of the taxpayer in the Netherlands.

They can receive either:

• An P form : tax return form for private individuals 

• An C form : tax return form  for foreign residents with income from the Netherlands 

• An M form: tax return form  for the year of migration 

• An O form : tax return form for business owners and freelancers  


There are certain situations when a taxpayer in the Netherlands may opt for a resident taxpayer status, in which case they are granted with tax deductions and credits for their whole incomes. This status means that this particular group of people, who live in the Netherlands, must pay Dutch income tax on their entire income, even if that income comes from abroad.

Non-resident taxpayers are people who live outside the Netherlands but receive an income from this country, and they are taxed on that specific part of their income directly related to the Netherlands.  They are notified about the necessity of filling tax return documents by receiving either an invitation, a C Form or if they know that for the previous year they earned an income related to the Netherlands for which they owe more than €45. Also, non-resident taxpayers need to file a return in the Netherlands if they expect to receive a refund of more than €14. Taxpayers who live in the Netherlands for only part of the year don’t have the possibility to file the tax return electronically and must use of the M Form.


Businesses in the Netherlands can fill in returns for different types of taxes they pay, like VAT taxescorporate taxwage tax, and, of course, income tax for individuals and freelancers. 

After registering the business to the Chamber of Commerce, the tax authorities will determine what types of tax returns the investor must fill in and when. The corporate tax return must be filed in the Netherlands on an annual basis, whereas the VAT a return must be filed every month, quarter or year, depending on the size of the business. It is also required to fill in periodic wage tax returns if the respective company has employees. 

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