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Taxes for Changing Your Business Structure in the Netherland

Taxes for Changing Your Business Structure in the Netherland

The Dutch legislation prescribes that legal entities registered here can be changed into other business structures, if the company may need such a modification. This drastic change in the way the business is carried out is recommended when the current legal entity does not satisfy the operations’ needs of the company or if the investor considers the company will be better represented from a legal point of view under a new business structureour team of Dutch accountants can assist foreign investors with the tax requirements that have to be met during this procedure. 

Changing a legal structure in the Netherlands 

In order to change a legal structure in the Netherlands it is necessary to de-register from the Dutch Business Register, an institution working under the supervision of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Regardless of the change (sole proprietorship to limited liability company or from a limited company to a partnership), all investors are required to dissolve the current company and then register it at the above mentioned body. The procedure can be carried out with the assistance of professionals in the field, such as Dutch accountants and lawyers

De-register from the Dutch Business Register 

The de-registration procedure is comprised of several compulsory steps, which require the investor to submit several signed documents and a copy of the identification number; the documents will be sent to the Chamber of Commerce where the company was incorporated. The body will send the information on the statute of the company to the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration

It is necessary to submit form 17a, which refers to the dissolution of the company. The document contains a set of information on the company, such as the assets or details on the liquidator. The termination of a company should be completed by providing a set of details, prescribed by the form 17bour team of Dutch accountants can offer more specific details on these requirements. 

The procedure of closing a company imposes certain taxes on the shareholder; the same is available for the re-registration process and our accountants can provide more details on the current taxation level

Persons who need to receive more information on the procedure of changing a business structure and the costs involved, can contact our Dutch accounting firm for more details.