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Fiduciary Services in the Netherlands

Fiduciary Services in the Netherlands

Fiduciary services refer to legally appointing a third party to hold assets in trust for another party. The appointed fiduciary’s duty is to manage the assets to be benefit of their owner. Fiduciary services in the Netherlands include fiduciary management and personal fiduciary services. Our Dutch accountants can provide complete fiduciary services.

Fiduciary duties arise when one party makes a legal commitment to another party: the trustee is appointed property or valuable assets belonging to a beneficiary. He or she obtains the permission to use such assets and manage them to the best interest of the beneficiary without being the rightful owner.

Fiduciary management in the Netherlands

Fiduciary management can be traced back to the Netherlands at the beginning of the 21st century. Fiduciary management is a type of asset management: the owner of an asset appoints a third party to manage his or her assets. The designated third party must observe the owner’s investment objectives and achieve these objectives. Institutional assets in the Netherlands can be managed this way.

Our Dutch attorneys can provide complete asset management services and specialised asset management, according to your needs.

If you are looking for personal fiduciary services, our experts can provide private banking services in your name and private wealth management. Your personal administrator will handle any necessary matters and will have direct responsibility for managing your assets.

If you are interested in investing in the Netherlands, a personal administrator can handle real estate purchases and management in the Netherlands or he can deal with your personal banking matters.

We can help you establish and administer trusts and manage your international assets. Our Dutch accountancy firm offers numerous legal services in the Netherlands, including tax planning and financial consulting services. Our Dutch agents can help you set up an investment strategy and make the best strategic decisions for your Dutch company.

We also provide assistance with payroll in the Netherlands. We are at your service and we can manage all aspects of the financial process, including computation, paying personnel, and monthly paycheck distribution. We may also provide you with specialized accounting services based on the size of your company.

Please contact our Dutch accountants team for more detailed information about fiduciary services in the Netherlands.