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Accountants in Rotterdam

Accountants in Rotterdam

If you are a foreign investor, a local businessperson or have a company in Rotterdam, you can rely on our local accountants for a wide range of services. You will no longer have to contact or travel to other cities in order to have quick and reliable solutions a phone call and short visit away.

Our Dutch accounting firm has offices in some of the most important cities, among which Amsterdam. Below, you can find out how our accountants in Rotterdam can help you.

Accounting services offered by our accountants in Rotterdam

  • debt monitoring and risk assessment.
  • consolidation;
  • tax registration and compliance;
  • tax returns preparation and filings
  • accounting and annual tax filings;
  • forensic accounting: special purpose engagement, contracts reviews, financial statements analysis.

Tax registration solutions for companies and sole traders

One of the crucial aspects in preparing to run a business is having it registered for the main taxes in the Netherlands. This requirement is available for both corporate entities (private and public companies) and sole traders. The first category must pay the income tax on profits, while the others on income derived from their activities.

The registration must be completed with the Tax Administration, the local office in Rotterdam. Why rely on our accountants for this step? Because we are fast and reliable. With the help of our Rotterdam-based accountants, your business will be up and running in no time.

VAT registration support in Rotterdam

Our accountants in Rotterdam can also assist with the registration for VAT purposes. Any business operating in the Netherlands is required to register for this tax, and obtaining a VAT number is one of the key services our firm provides.

Should you need support in obtaining a VAT number, you can rely on our accounting firm in Netherlands, and mainly on our office in Rotterdam, if you or your business are established here.

Setting up the taxation system for Dutch companies operating in Rotterdam

Our Dutch accountants can take over the accounting in your business from scratch or from any finished activity point.

Our accountants in Rotterdam can handle the setup of the accounting system for newly incorporated businesses.  After that, we can create the Dutch payroll management system. As a result, we will register the business as an employer as well as each and every employee for the following:

  • medical coverage;
  • pension
  • unemployment insurance;
  • insurance against accidents and occupational diseases.

If you need support in setting up the payroll in the Netherlands, our accounting firm can help you.

Bookkeeping services in Rotterdam

Bookkeeping is another significant service you can get from our accountants in Rotterdam. Invoices, sales and purchase orders, and other papers that enter and leave the company’s accounting system are managed on a daily basis.

We can take care of the establishment of all these records as well as their entry into the company’s accounting, which will be necessary at the end of the year when they must be combined with the financial statements to present a complete picture of the accounting of your business.

 Some of these will also be needed when completing the audit. At this point, you should know that you can also rely on us for audit services in Rotterdam.

Another service you can rely on our accountants for is accessing all the allowances and deductions available. All you need to do is get in touch with us and find out which ones you qualify for.

Professional tax consulting services

Our accountants in Rotterdam offer tax consultancy services. We assist our clients when preparing the needed documents, and we are at your service if you need help with the accounting policies, as well as with the financial department organization.

As we know how important loans are for a business to be extended, we offer assistance in preparing the needed documents in order to obtain a loan from a bank in Netherlands so you can be sure that the entire process is done as fast as possible. Moreover, we will give you access to a complete and professional quality analysis of receivables and payables. By using our help, you will always be updated with the taxes debt.

Doing business in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is one of the largest cities in Netherlands and represents a great business environment for investors and entrepreneurs. Opening a company in the Netherlands can be a smart business decision, but you must be aware that when starting up or already running a new business inRotterdam, you may find yourself in the need of accounting services.

The tax system in Netherlands has its particularities; therefore you can choose to benefit from the expertise of our accountants in Rotterdam. As we are experts in the financial sector and we can offer professional accounting advice. By using the services of our accountants in Rotterdam, you can rest assured that all your tax obligations are fulfilled correctly.

Important aspects about taxation in Netherlands and Rotterdam

The Netherlands is a very attractive country from a taxation point of view. From the corporate tax that is applied in stages to the VAT that also apply at different rates, here is what you need to know:

  • starting with 2024, the income tax will be 24.5% for the first EUR 67,000 and 31% for higher amounts;
  • the corporate tax applies at a standard rate of 25.8%, however, a lower rate of 19% is also available for income of EUR 200,000;
  • the municipal tax for owning a property in Rotterdam represents 0.0853 % of the value of the respective house.

Among other services offered by our accountants in Rotterdam is assistance with the double taxation treaty, payroll services and consultancy regarding the Netherlands banking system.

The Netherlands’s accounting laws and regulation are made especially to increase the efficiency of companies, therefore facilitating entrepreneurial activities, but in order to be updated with the latest tax law and especially with the fiscal regime, contact our accountants in Rotterdam and you will benefit from the best advice in all fiscal matters. With our assistance you can be sure to take advantage of the benefits the country has to offer in terms of business developments. Our accountants in Rotterdam can offer quality services for your company, that guarantee a smoothly business operation in regards to accounting.