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Forensic accounting in the Netherlands

Forensic accounting in the Netherlands

Forensic accounting in the Netherlands is an accounting area focused on identifying economic and financial crimes. These are mostly fraud that are subject to criminal or civil action performance. Forensic accountants can operate in both public and private sectors, which include the Dutch police and the FIOD and large financial institutions and specialized consulting firms.

The jurisprudence of the Disciplinary Board and the Board of Appeals for business in the Netherlands is incorporated in the Directive on person-specific audits, which NIVRA promulgated in the year 2003. According to this directive, the forensic accounting in the Netherlands (audit) must be provided in the reporting refrain from qualifying judgments about the actions of a person or company. In this sense, to the person (or company) must be offered the opportunity to respond to the findings or the draft report in a reasonable time, and no draft report can be released before all research work has been completed. Further, the auditor should agree with the client that the latter there will not be provided reports to others or quotes from those reports without the consent of the auditor.

Independent forensic accounting work in the Netherlands, including fraud investigations, is among the professional work of an auditor and thus falls under the scope of the Act on Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (Wwft). With effect from 1 January 2013, certain provisions of the Wwft have been adjusted. There have been outlined certain modifications related to the to the reporting obligation that incurs in the work of a forensic accountant and provide special rigors in the accounting procedure, regardless of the type of activity: compiling, reviewing or auditing the financial statements.

In dispute resolution within the organization or between organizations, but also in the event of bankruptcy or serving curators, a forensic accountant can perform actions for identifying the financial and legal facts and circumstances inquired and usually acts as a court expert.

In case of suspected irregularities, such as conflict of interest, fraud or corruption, forensic accounting in the Netherlands is the best solution for finding out the truth in the administrative and IT environment.

Forensic accounting in Netherlands is also recommended in case of conflicts with supervisors or with the tax authorities, as a specialized research can find the irregularities of financial statements.

For further information in forensic accounting in the Netherlandscontact our Amsterdam accountants, who are representatives with a long track record registered in the national register of court experts. Moreover, our accounting firms in the Netherlands will carry out any specific tasks in cooperation to specially trained accounting staff in other related fields.