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Reporting Requirements in the Netherlands

Reporting Requirements in the Netherlands

Financial reporting in the Netherlands

Companies in the Netherlands are required to comply with the existing financial reporting requirements in the country. Companies need to observe the accounting standards and listed companies need to observe other essential laws and regulations for these types of companies.

In the Netherlands there are two different accepted accounting standards, the Dutch GAAP and the IFRS. The differences between these two can be explained by our accountants in the Netherlands, who are also able to assist you during the year if you have any questions regarding the yearly financial reporting for your company.

Requirements for Dutch companies

Companies must draft and submit their annual accounts at the Trade Registry. The annual financial statements must contain a balance sheet, the profit and loss account and notes on the account and an auditor’s evaluation. Although not all Dutch companies are required to perform annual audits, they may opt to voluntarily do this evaluation. Generally, the annual accounts must be signed by the company’s managing directors and supervisory directors.

In the Netherlands, the tax year is generally the calendar year although another period mat be used if so specified in the company’s Articles of Association. The tax year is usually calculated for 12 months. Failure to submit the necessary financial statements in time may result in administrative penalties.

Our Dutch accountants can help you submit the necessary financial information in due time so that your company can avoid any unnecessary penalties.

You may count on us for assistance with Dutch payroll services as well. Even while the law is generally the same, these are adapted to your particular business needs and profile. We can also manage tasks like HR and employment legislation which are related in several ways to worker’s rights and duties. So, contact us for more or less complex services, based on your needs.

Dutch accounting principles 

The financial information submitted by any Dutch company must be relevant, understandable reliable and comparable. The financial statements must reflect the company’s financial situation and the company’s solvability and liquidity should also be reflected in these statements.

Companies that are part of an international group, like branches or subsidiaries, can prepare the annual financial statements in accordance with the accounting standards in another EU state in which the mother company is incorporated. However, this aspect must be specified in the noted accompanying the statements.

Our expert Dutch accountants can offer you professional accounting services and audit services for your Dutch company. Please contact us for more information about the obligations for Dutch companies.