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Company Management in the Netherlands

Company Management in the Netherlands

Management processes are the most important in a company as they guide and assure the company’s work-flows. Company management in the Netherlands imply the action of a part of a structure of human factor on other structures of human factor concerning terms of planning, organization, coordination, training and control, evaluation of activities.

The company management in the Netherlands has as main character the manager, regardless of the hierarchical position occupied in the structural configuration of the company. If you need an Amsterdam accountant for your Dutch company, you can rely on our team of accountants.

Management system is the result of major decisions taken by particular individuals and also by group managers situated at higher levels in the organizational structure of the company. The management system of a Dutch company usually consists of elements included in the fields such as methodological decisions, tax compliance, informational, organizational, psycho-sociological, motivational and also contains relations established between them to achieve the company’s objectives in terms of efficiency.

The company management in the Netherlands also include the management relations, which can be defined as the relationship between the components of a consortium or of a company or the relations linked between them and other components of socio – economic systems. The management relations can be held in terms of planning, organization, coordination, training, control and aims to achieve a particular economic success for the company.

The company management in the Netherlands and its feature management relations can be understood by three meanings:

– socio-economic dimension – given the nature of the property and the nature of economic relations (giving specific features to the company and being determined by the legal status)

– the technical dimension – provided by nature processes, the production equipment, the peculiarities of material factors of production, which determines the specific features of the company in the primary, secondary or tertiary organizations or in the same sector

c ) the human dimension – highlighted in the professional competence and managerial personnel of the company, the organizational culture, being decisive in differentiating firms in terms of profitability and competitiveness.

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