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Corporate Tax Compliance in The Netherlands

Corporate Tax Compliance in The Netherlands

Tax compliance for Dutch companies

All companies in the Netherlands must pay attention to the corporate tax compliance requirements. Dutch companies can choose to set up an internal department to take care of the taxation matters or they can request the services of a professional accounting company. Regardless of the chosen method, companies must observe all the laws and regulations for corporate taxation in the Netherlands

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Corporate taxation in the Netherlands

Dutch companies are taxed on their worldwide income while non-resident companies are taxed only on their Dutch-source income. Branches in the Netherlands are usually exempt from the withholding tax on profits. 

The corporate tax rate in the Netherlands is 25% and a lower rate of 20% is in place for profits of up to 200,000 EUR. A holding company taxation regime applies. In order to avoid double taxation on income, the Netherlands has signed a series of double tax treaties with countries worldwide including the United States and the United Kingdom.

The corporate income tax return in the Netherlands

Any company incorporated in the Netherlands as well as any foreign company which is considered a tax resident must file annual corporate income tax returns. The tax year in the country does not usually coincide with the calendar year. However, the Dutch Tax Authorities will issue a preliminary income tax assessment in January. 

Companies in the Netherlands are required to file a corporate income tax return within five months of the end of the financial year. Once the tax return is filed and examined by the authorities, a final corporate income tax assessment is issued.

VAT taxpayers in the Netherlands can apply for a monthly VAT return. A yearly VAT return can be requested in certain conditions. The Dutch Authorities apply penalties for late filings of the corporate income tax return. In order to make sure that you comply with the requirements and don’t miss any deadlines, the experts at our accounting firm in the Netherlands can offer you professional assistance. We can also help you comply with the requirements for audit in the Netherlands

Our agents can help you with the following services:

– professional tax consulting;

– filing tax returns an reports;

dividend withholding tax returns;

– customized filings and VAT returns.

Our Dutch accountants are also accustomed to working with businesses operating in the import and export sector and dealing with customs tax duties. For more information about accounting requirements and obligations for Dutch companies you can contact our accounting firm in the Netherlands

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