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General Audit Chamber in the Netherlands

General Audit Chamber in the Netherlands

The General Audit Chamber in the Netherlands ensures that the public funds are appropriately spent by the Government and that all its policies are conducted as intended.

The main objective of the General Audit Chamber of Sint Maarten is to make sure that the government acts with effectiveness and transparency and constantly improves its actions. The audits of Government are performed by this Chamber.

Responsibilities of the General Audit Chamber

The Chamber is responsible for evaluating and reporting the manner in which the Government uses its available funds. This process should be effective and the General Audit Chamber monitors the expenditure to make sure that this is done in the best interest of the community. The evaluation, containing all of the results and conclusions of the performed investigations, is reported annually.

The general evaluation of the organization, management and policy of the Government is presented one a year in front of the Government, the Parliament and also to the public. 

Types of Audits

The types of audits performed by the General Audit Chamber in the Netherlands are:

  • –       Regulatory audits;
  • –       Performance audits;
  • –       Integrity audits.

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The regulatory audits, or financial audits, are performed in order to establish if the financial operations executed by the Government were legal and that they truly represent the financial activities. All the financial operations are monitored (management, collections, expenditure) and the annual accounts of the Government are thoroughly reviewed.

Performance audits in the Netherlands deal with the actions of the audited institution. The purpose is to assess whether or not the actions were performed efficiently and effective. The General Audit Chamber does not provide opinions regarding government policy, it only evaluates if the policies are effective.

The Dutch integrity audits can be performed upon request from the Parliament. The Chamber can also carry out its own audits to assess the integrity of political officials.  

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