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Avoid Tax Penalties in Netherlands

Avoid Tax Penalties in Netherlands

If you have income in the Netherlands you must as well keep informed the authorities on your expenses and profits, and make sure you contribute with the due tax amount to the state budget. The special forms designed to help you communicate the financial situation for your business to the authorities are the tax returns. You can avoid tax penalties in the Netherlands by sending them on time. One of our Dutch accountants can keep you informed on the national regulations in this country and on the tax calendar in the Netherlands.  

How to avoid tax penalties in the Netherlands

There are many reasons for which business owners may not manage to send a tax return in time, a delay which could attract tax penalties from the authorities. This is why the local government has introduced several methods to allow investors to request an extension time for the tax returns submission. 

The usual deadline for the filling of the tax return is one month after you receive the invitation from the authorities. In most cases entrepreneurs receive invitations before the middle of May and have to submit the form by 15th of July. If you employ the services of our accounting firm in Netherlands, you could extend the deadline by May, the following year.

Things to keep in mind to avoid Dutch tax penalties

The late filling of a tax return can attract penalties from 226 euro to 4920 euro. The first time when you are behind with the tax return submission, you will be charged by the tax authorities with the minimum fine, if you delay a second time you will be charged a penalty of 984 euro and the maximum amount will be charged if you are late with your tax return for the third time. 

In order to avoid tax penalties you should also be careful to the information you provide in the tax return. Charges can be issued as well for incomplete or wrong information. One of our Dutch accountants can help you when you declare your investments and savings so that you don’t overlook key information. The fine depends on whether the omission is considered to be a mistake or a voluntary omission, case in which it is regarded as a fraud. 

Feel free to contact our Dutch accountants in order to make sure you fill your tax returns in order to avoid tax penalties of any kind.