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Financial Consulting Service in the Netherlands

Financial Consulting Service in the Netherlands

Our team of Dutch accountants specializes in a wide range of financial services and is fully dedicated to the best interest of companies operating in Holland. 

There are many stages to consider and steps to follow when opening a company in the Netherlands. We understand the importance of all of these steps and procedures and we can help you not only with accounting services, but also with financial consultancy and administration in the Netherlands, as well as payroll and related proceduresVAT registration and compliance and audit services.

You can watch below a short video about the financial services offered by our accounting firm in the Netherlands:

Taxes and payroll services in the Netherlands

There are a number of important taxes to consider when establishing a business in the Netherlands. Though tax compliance in the Netherlands is essentially straightforward, our experts can guide you through the entire process and ensure that your business observes all of the tax regulations in the Netherlands.

When you choose to expand your business and employ workers, your business in the Netherlands needs to comply with the payroll taxes requirements in the country. The payroll system in Holland can be either automatic or manual. We can provide assistance for the entire process if you choose to outsource the payroll activity to our specialists.

Accounting law in the Netherlands

Dutch accounting procedures apply to the main types of legal entities in the Netherlands and special rules apply to stock listed companies, financial institutions and insurance companies. The code of laws named the Dutch Generally Accepted Accounting Principles encompasses all of the accounting procedures and rules applicable in the country.

All companies must know these Dutch accounting principles and the financial information submitted on an annual basis must be relevant for the company. In order to make sure that your company observes all the legal accounting requirements, our Dutch accountants can offer you accounting and annual tax fillings services. 

Our accountants in Amsterdam and Rotterdam can offer you other services, among which:

– Debt monitoring and risk assessment;

– Tax returns preparation and filings;

– Consolidation;

– Forensic accounting: contracts reviews, financial statements analysis.

Our financial consultants offer you a wide range of services and work diligently to address the key financial issues in order to improve your business in the Netherlands.  Contact us now for a personalized offer.